All incoming Tandon students (first-year, transfer, and internal transfer students) MUST take the mathematics diagnostic exam, except for those who:

  1. Qualify for advanced placement via AP Calculus, A-Level Maths, or IB Math Exam scores*
  2. Have completed an NYU CAS MATH-UA Calculus course with a grade of C or above
  3. Have taken calculus course(s) at another university that have been evaluated and approved as equivalent for transfer credit

* If you qualify based on exam scores, official copies of your AP, A-level, or IB score must be sent to the NYU Admissions Office as soon as possible in order to waive the MaDE requirement. In order for you to get college credit for your AP work, please request that the College Board send your Advanced Placement scores to NYU (CEEB: 2562).

Students must pre-register to take an exam. No exceptions.

Online exams must be taken on site at the NYU Tandon Brooklyn campus.

Before registering for a Diagnostic Exam date, please consult the AP, A-Level, and IB Exam Placement Policies webpage as you already may have satisfied the prerequisites to enroll in a Calculus course.


Winter 2019-2020 Exam Dates

First Attempt:

  • Saturday, November 2, 2019
  • Friday, December 6, 2019
  • Tuesday, January 14, 2020
  • Wednesday, January 22, 2020- LAST DAY OF 1st ATTEMPT MATH DIAGNOSTIC EXAMS


If you have already completed the form and would like to change your exam date, please email with your preferred exam date and time, and specify that it is for a first attempt exam reschedule.


Second Attempt:

  • Thursday, January 16, 2020
  • Wednesday, January 22, 2020- LAST DAY OF 2nd ATTEMPT MATH DIAGNOSTIC EXAMS

*Students must have completed and received their results for their first attempt math diagnostic exam before registering for a second attempt exam.*


If you have already completed the form and would like to change your exam date, please email with your preferred exam date and time, and specify that it is for a second attempt exam reschedule.


Rules and Regulations

  1. You will receive email confirmation of your registration, as well as time/ location details, the week of the exam to your NYU email address.
  2. The Math Department reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any exam.
  3. Computer lab space is limited. If there are too many students registered for the exam in the lab, some students may be asked to select an alternate exam date.
  4. Arrive at least 10 minutes early with your NYU ID. If you do not have an NYU ID yet, please make sure to note down your NYU N-ID # (ex. N12345678), and bring another form of ID such as a State ID, Driver's License, Passport, etc. You must have a form of ID to get into the building and to be admitted into an exam room. If you arrive late, you will not be allowed to sit for the exam and will need to reschedule.
  5. You do not receive any academic credit for passing the MaDE. It is for diagnostic purposes only and will place you in the initial mathematics course that best fits your current skill level.
  6. You may take the MaDE a maximum of 2 times.
    • The first attempt is an online multiple choice exam, and you may use any calculator. Students are allowed a max of 2 hours to complete the exam.
    • The second attempt is an online multiple choice exam; no calculators are allowed. Students are allowed a max of 1 hour to complete the exam.
  7. Exam results are typically emailed to students within three business days of taking the exam. The email will notify students of their course placement based on their exam results (MA-UY 914, MA-UY 1324, or MA-UY 1024). Individual exam scores are not released. For information on understanding the Math Diagnostic Exam results, please see below.


Exam Preparation

All students, without exception, must prove they have the skills required for the courses they wish to take. Our MaDE attempts to discern if the students have at their fingertips the high school math skills that they'll need to be able to follow their lectures in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and engineering. The diagnostic exam score is used to match a student's current skills to the appropriate MA-UY course.

The MaDE tests students’ current understanding and skills in basic high school math, including algebra, trig, exponentials, and logarithms. Students may choose to review these topics before taking the MaDE.


Understanding Your Mathematics Diagnostic Exam Results

  • Since the MaDE tests your current knowledge of basic high school math, your MaDE score will place you into either Precalculus (MA-UY 914) or Calculus I (MA-UY 1024 or MA-UY 1324).
  • Students who take two attempts will be allowed to enroll in their highest course placement.
  • This will be the first math course you will enroll in at NYU Tandon. There are absolutely no exceptions.


For questions concerning the Mathematics Diagnostic Exam, please contact the Math Department at