Before declaring a Math Major or Minor, please review all Major/Minor course requirements.

Major Declaration Process

Students who are currently undeclared and would like to declare a Major in Mathematics or Mathematics & Physics, or students who would like to change majors should complete the Declare or Change Major Form. Please have your current advisor sign the form and then schedule an appointment for math advisement. Completed forms should then be turned into LC 260, 262, or 264 for processing.

Minor Declaration Process

Students who would like to declare a Minor in Mathematics must apply for a minor in Albert using the link in the My Academics section of the Student Center. Students should apply for the minor before they apply for graduation. When you apply for a minor, the application is then forwarded to the Home School Advising Office, Host School Advising Office, Host School Department/Program, and the Academic Dean’s office. If it is approved, the minor will appear on your transcript.

Removal of a Minor from your Academic Record

You may request removal of a minor from your academic record via the application form in the My Academics section of your Albert Student Center.

Internal Transfers

Internal transfers are current NYU students who want to transfer from one NYU school or college to another. Please refer to NYU's policy on internal transfers below:

"The earliest you can apply for internal or intra-campus transfer admission is the second semester/term of consecutive full-time study at your current NYU school, college, or campus.

If accepted, you would begin your study at the new NYU school, college, or campus the following semester. The earliest you can begin your study at the new NYU school, college, or campus would be the first semester of your second year.

The latest semester/term for which you can apply for transfer admission is the end of your second year of study at NYU. The latest students can begin their study at a new NYU school, college or campus is the first semester of their junior year. Typically applications to transfer between NYU schools, colleges, or campuses are not permitted during or after the junior year. In addition, students are rarely permitted to transfer between campuses when their intended major (or a similar major) is already offered at their current campus."

If a student believes their internal transfer case permits an exception to the above intended major policy, they may submit a statement of justification and their transcript to for departmental review. Applications that have not received prior approval from the math department will not be considered by admissions.


For any questions about declaring a Major or Minor in Mathematics, please contact the Math Department at