Student Probability Seminar

This semester, Spring 2021, we meet Wednesdays from 9am to 10am New York time on Zoom. All students are welcome; if you want the link, please email one of the organizers below to be added to the listhost. Every week one student chooses and presents a topic at an introductory level. Anyone is welcome and encouraged to speak, regardless of their background in probability. If you wish to speak please contact Hong-Bin Chen at hbchen [at] cims, Elias Hess-Childs at elias.hess-childs [at] courant, Tim Kunisky at kunisky [at] cims, or Benjamin McKenna at mckenna [at] cims.

Seminar Organizer(s): Hong-Bin Chen, Elias Hess-Childs, Tim Kunisky, Benjamin McKenna

Past Events