Ordinary Differential Equations, Goodman, Fall 2005

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Tuesday and Thursday from 8:55 to 10:45
Room 501, Silver Center
Starting September 6, 2005


Jonathan Goodman
Office hours: Wednesday, 9-11, or by appointment (call, email, or see me at class to set up).
Office: 617, Warren Weaver Hall, NYU

Announcements and communication

Quiz 1 Tuesday September 27 from 9am sharp to 9:30.
These will be on the class site on the NYU Blackboard system.
  • Announcements from the instructor
  • A message board for messages from student to student and homework questions and hints
  • Students may access their entries in the grade book

Required Text

Elementary Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems, by William E. Boyce and Richard C. DiPrima.
The book will be stocked at the NYU book store, but you can get it cheaper from Barnes and Noble or Amazon.com. Both sites offer used copies.


Chapters 1 and 2, First order equations, 4 classes
Chapter 3, Second order equations, 6 classes
Chapter 6, Laplace transform, 2 classes
Chapter 7, Linear systems, 4 classes (The heart of the class)
Chapter 8, Numerical methods, 1 classes
Chapter 9, Nonlinear equations, phase plane, 4 classes
Chapters 10 and 11, Partial differential equations, Fourier series, 4 classes (As time permits)
Test dates
September 27, First quiz (30 minutes)
October 25, Midterm exam (one hour)
November 17, Second quiz (30 minutes)
Finals week, Final exam (two hours),
  • There will be a practice quiz or exam posted before each quiz or exam.
  • You can avoid getting a zero for a missed quiz or exam only with a doctor's note or by agreement with a very compelling reason made before the quiz or exam.
There will be weekly homework assignments posted Thursday and due in class the following Tuesday within ten minutes of the start of class.
  • The lowest three homework grades will be dropped.
  • Late homeworks possibly accepted only with a doctor's note or by agreement with a very compelling reason made before it is due.

Grading policy

  • 10% for each quiz
  • 20% for the midterm exam
  • 20% for the homeworks
  • 40% for the final exam

Homework assignments

Study guides and notes