Notes and Reprints for the Course


Peskin CS: Lectures on mathematical aspects of physiology: (II) The inner ear.
Mathematical Aspects of Physiology (Hoppensteadt F, ed.), AMS, Providence, Rhode Island, 1981, pp.38-69.

Peskin CS: Infinite depth cochlea with active basilar membrane mechanism and fluid viscosity.
Handwritten lecture notes, 1995 and 2018.

LeVeque RJ, Peskin CS, and Lax PD:
Solution of a two-dimensional cochlea model using transform techniques.
SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics 45: 450-464, 1985

LeVeque RJ, Peskin CS, and Lax PD:
Solution of a two-dimensional cochlea model with fluid viscosity.
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Manzari MT and Peskin CS:
Paradoxical waves and acive mechanism in the cochlea.
Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems 36(8): 4531-4552, 2016

Griffith BE and Peskin CS:
Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics 66(12): 1837-1913, 2013

Handwritten Lecture Notes, 2000

Peskin CS:
Convergence of a numerical scheme for the Hodgkin-Huxley equations.
Handwritten Lecture Notes, 2018

Peskin CS and McQueen DM:
Mechanical equilibrium determines the fractal fiber architecture of the aortic heart valve leaflets.
American Journal of Physiology 266: H319-H328, 1994

Stern JV and Peskin CS:
Fractal dimension of an aortic heart valve leaflet.
Fractals - Complex Geometry Patterns and Scaling in Nature and Society 2(3): 461-464, 1994

Peskin CS:
Fiber architecture of the left ventricular wall: an asymptotic analysis.
Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics 42: 79-113, 1989

Peskin CS: Crossbridge dynamics in muscle.
Handwritten lecture notes, 1992 & 2014.

Peskin CS and Oster GF:
Coordinated hydrolysis explains the mechanical behavior of kinesin.
Biophysical Journal 68: S202-S211, 1995

Peskin CS: Kinesin lecture.
Handwritten lecture notes, 1994.

Isaacson SA, McQueen DM, and Peskin CS:
The influence of volume exclusion by chromatin on the time required to find specific DNA binding sites by diffusion.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 108(9): 3815-3820, 2011

Isaacson SA, Larabell CA, Le Gros MA, McQueen DM, Peskin CS:
The influence of spatial variation in chromatin density determined by X-ray tomograms on the time to find DNA binding sites.
Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 75(11): 2093-2117, 2013

Peskin CS, Tranchina D, and Hull DM:
How to see in the dark: photon noise in vision and nuclear medicine.
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 435: 48-72, 1984
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Tranchina D and Peskin CS:
Light adaptation in the turtle retina: embedding a parametric family of linear models in a single nonlinear model.
Visual Neuroscience 1: 339-348, 1988