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Calculus & MFE Placement Exams

Online Calculus and Math for Economics (MFE) Placement Exams

Students must pre-register to take an exam. No exceptions.

On-line exams must be taken on site at Courant's Warren Weaver Hall (251 Mercer Street).

Before registering for a Calculus exam, please consult the Calculus Prerequisites and Advanced Placement webpage here as you already may have satisfied the prerequisites to enroll in a Calculus course.

Students do not receive academic credit for passing a Placement Exam. These exams are for placement purposes only.

Register for an exam

Questions concerning Placement Exams should be directed to the Calculus Placement Coordinator at

Exams given

Exam dates currently available*

1. You will receive email confirmation of your registration as well as time/ location details the Monday prior to the exam date.

2. The Placement Coordinator reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any exam. When registering, please select a preferred exam date and an alternate exam date to ensure that you sit the exam in the event of a cancelled date.

3. Computer lab space is limited. If there are too many students registered for the exam in the lab, some students may be asked to bring a personal laptop or may be asked to select an alternate exam date.

4. Arrive at least 10 minutes early with your NYU ID. If you are taking the exam on your own laptop, make sure your laptop battery is fully charged (outlets are not guaranteed to be available during the exam). You must have your ID to get into the building and to be admitted into an exam room. If you are late, you will not be given extra time.

5. You will have one hour to complete the Calculus I and Calculus II placement exams, and two hours for all other exams.

6. No calculators, formula sheets, or other aids are allowed in the exam room.

7. Students may take a placement exam a maximum of 2 times with at least 3 months in between.

8. Placement results are typically emailed to students by the day after the exam. Exams are graded on a pass/fail basis. Students are only notified if they have passed or failed.

Technical Requirements for All Placement Exams

1. Online exams require connecting to a website and taking a timed exam. Students may bring a laptop, or register for an exam given in an NYU computer lab.

2. Laptop System Requirements

The following is a list of the minimum system requirements for access to the Maple T.A. system. System performance may vary based on the speed of your Internet connection. For all systems, it is  recommended that you set your screen resolution to at least 800 x 600 dpi.

• All exams require a Java-enabled browser.
• JavaScriptTM and cookies must be enabled.
• Sun Java 1.5.0 or later is also required.

Windows - 32-bit
• Platforms: Windows XP/2003/Vista/7
• Browsers: Internet Explorerฎ 6.x+, Firefoxฎ 3.0+
• 300 MHz processor or better
• 64 MB RAM or better

Windows - 64-bit
• Platforms: Windows XP/Vista/7
• Browsers: Internet Explorer 6.x+, Firefox 3.0+
• 300 MHz processor or better
• 64 MB RAM or better

• Platform: Mac OS X 10.5 or later
• Browsers: Firefox 3.0+, Safari 5.0+*
• 333 MHz processor or better
• 64 MB RAM or better

Linux - 32-bit
• Platforms: SUSE 10.3, 11.1, 11.2; Red Hat Enterprise 5; Ubuntu 8.04, 10.04
• Browsers: Firefox 3.0+
• 300 MHz processor or better
• 64 MB RAM or better

Linux - 64-bit
• Platforms: SUSE Enterprise 10, SUSE Enterprise 11; Red Hat Enterprise 5; Ubuntu 8.04, 10.04
• Browsers: Firefox 3.0+
• 300 MHz processor or better
• 64 MB RAM or better

Preparation for All Placement Exams

Students are expected to complete a review of material and any other preparation for the placement exam before they take the exam. All students, without exception, must prove they have the skills required for the courses they wish to take.

The purpose of a placement exam is to match a student's current skill set to the appropriate class. Calculus and post-Calculus classes are demanding; there is no review of lower-level material in class, and no time for individual review once the semester begins. Instructors and fellow students assume that everyone in the class has attained the same level of mathematical expertise before registration.

Beyond the resources below, the department does not give tutoring or other help in preparing for the placement exams. Students requiring more than a refresher are advised to take the class in which those topics are taught.

Formula sheets will not be provided for exams.

Calculus I and Math for Economics I Placement Exam

The Calculus I placement exam tests for mastery of the precalculus topics needed to succeed in Calculus I. The exam topics are the same as those for the course MATH-UA 009 Algebra and Calculus:

  • algebraic, exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions
  • graphing the above functions with transformations
  • solving equations involving the above functions
  • To review for the exam, you can look at any textbook with "Precalculus" in the title. This includes:
  • PreCalculus by Stewart, Redland, and Watson (the current textbook for MATH-UA 9 Algebra and Calculus). Published by Cengage.
  • Precalculus by Faires and DeFranza (the past textbook for the same course). Published by Cengage.
  • You may also access freely these electronic resources from Bobst Library. The links below will work from any computer on the NYU network. To access these titles off-campus, you can search for the titles in BobCat, click "View Details", then "Online Version". You may need to re-authenticate with your NYU NetID and PIN.
  • Precalculus Demystified by Rhonda Huettenmiller. McGraw/Hill, 2005.
  • Schaum's outline of theory and problems of college mathematics by Schmidt and Ayers. McGraw/Hill, 2003.
  • Easy Outline of Precalculus by Fred Safier. McGraw/Hill, 2002.

  • Math For Economics Placement Exam

    The Math for Economics (MFE) Placement exam is to place into MATH-UA 212 Math for Economics II only. You will not receive academic credit for MATH-UA 211 Math for Economics I for passing the Math For Economics placement exam. This exam is for placement purposes only.

    Students can place into MATH-UA 212 Math for Economics II by either taking the prerequisite course MATH-UA 211 Math for Economics I or by taking the Math for Economics Placement Exam.

    To learn which topics will be covered on this exam, students should refer to the calendar schedule found on the current course website.

    Sample Exams

    There are no online diagnostic tests for advanced level calculus placement exams. To learn which topics that will be covered on these exams, students should refer to course descriptions

    Sample Exams

    Academic and AP Credit

    If you received AP credits for a calculus course, and you register for the same course, you will forfeit your AP credits. You will not receive academic credit for passing placement exams. These exams are for placement purposes only.