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Fall 2012

Fall 2012: Climbing to the Summit: A Mathematical Gradus ad Parnassum Students in grades 9-12 with a passion for mathematics are invited to join this problem-solving circle, based on materials developed by Mark Saul and Titu Andreescu.  We will take students from the simplest textbook exercises up through problems on the level of a US or International Olympiad. We will start wherever you are, and bring you as far as you care to travel.

Fall 2011

◊Represent your communities in math competitions in Africa and Latin America! The AAAS is recruiting high school students for teams it will train and send to participate in the 2012 Pan-African Mathematical Olympiad (PAMO) and the Ibero-American Mathematical Olympiad (IAMO). For more information click here, or send an email to

◊The program will consist of ten two-hour sessions, 5 – 7 PM on Wednesdays, beginning on September 19. There is no fee for this program.

Fall 2011: The Mathematics of Games.  Students in grades 6 to 8 are invited to join us for this free four-session workshop. We will explore the following topics: Two-person Perfect Knowledge Games, Codes and Ciphers, Mathematical Card Tricks, Geometric Transformations, Topology, Number Theory.

◊The workshop will take place at Metropolitan Montessori School on the Upper West Side from 4:00 to 6:00 pm on the following Thursdays: October 20, November 3, November 17, and December 8. There is no fee for this program.

◊For more information and registration send an email to

Spring 2011

◊CMT sponsored three workshops in July 2011: for middle school students, for middle/high school teachers, and for elementary school teachers. Workshops were free of charge. For description of the courses please see Free summer workshops 2011.

◊In the Spring of 2011, CMT ran a free, six-week workshop for Math Teachers that focused on how to build and run a Math Team, and how to bring Math Team ideas into your regular math classrooms. Instructor: Patrick Honner.

◊ CMT ran a math circle 'marathon' for students at New Design High School, focusing on games, puzzles, and mathematical activities that supplement the standard high school curriculum.

◊An after school math circle at New Design High School features games, puzzles, and mathematical activities that supplement the standard high school curriculum.

◊ A math circle for fourth grade students in Evelyn Gomez' class at PS 143 this term has been working on topics such as areas and volumes, knots, and the game of Nim.

◊ A math circle for eleventh and twelfth grade students in Cristina Thiam class at New Design High School this term has been working on advanced topics in algebra and number theory.