The Center for Mathematical Talent (CMT) at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences coordinates activities for students in the New York City area who would like more mathematics than is included in the usual mathematics classroom. The Center consolidates and supports existing programs for students with mathematical talent, develops new programs serving these students, these teachers and their schools; and extends the reach of such programs to include populations of mathematically talented students not yet served by such programs.

Recent News

◊U.S. Team Participates in the Pan-African Mathematics Olympiad:
Four middle and high school students were the first Americans to participate in the Pan-African Mathematics Olympiad, 8 to 16 September in Tunis, Tunisia. The mathletes were part of a new AAAS initiative that aims to increase underrepresented minority representation in higher mathematics. The team of Joseph Feffer, George Friedlander, Gabriel Grell, and Rachit Singh were drawn from 20 of the brightest young mathematical minds from across the country. They had all participated in an intensive ten-day training program in early August, in Washington, DC. Friedlander has been a participant in the CMS Gradus ad Parnassum class on Wednesday evenings (for information on Gradus, see below). The program was supported by a $125,000 grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. The University of the District of Columbia donated classrooms and housing, and in-kind staff support came from AAAS. More information is available at http://www.pamo-official.org/en/.

◊ This fall, the New York Math Circle is offering multiple classes for high school and middle school students in Manhattan, and for middle school students in Queens. Details can be found here, or by joining their email list.

Fall 2012: Climbing to the Summit: A Mathematical Gradus ad Parnassum Students in grades 9-12 with a passion for mathematics are invited to join this problem-solving circle, based on materials developed by Mark Saul and Titu Andreescu.  We will take students from the simplest textbook exercises up through problems on the level of a US or International Olympiad. We will start wherever you are, and bring you as far as you care to travel.

The program will consist of ten two-hour sessions, 5 – 7 PM on Wednesdays, beginning on September 19. The class will take place in Warren Weaver Hall, room 202. There is no fee for this program. For more information on this math circle an email to sianzelbo@gmail.com.