Geometry over nonclosed fields -- Simons symposium 2015

List of contributions

F. Bogomolov, L. Kamenova, S. Lu, and M. Verbitsky, On the Kobayashi pseudometric, complex automorphisms and hyperkaehler manifolds, 19 pp., pdf
O. Debarre, A. Laface, and X. Roulleau, Lines on cubic hypersurfaces over finite fields, 26 pp., pdf
A. Harder, L. Katzarkov, and Y. Liu Sheaves of categories and non-rationality, 34 pp., pdf
A. J. de Jong and J. Starr, Divisor classes and the virtual canonical bundle for genus zero maps, 26 pp., pdf
M. Lieblich and M. Olsson, A stronger derived Torelli theorem for K3 surfaces, 24 pp., pdf
Chr. Liedtke, Morphisms to Brauer-Severi varieties, with applications to Del Pezzo surfaces, 37 pp., pdf
A. Varilly-Alvarado, Arithmetic of K3 surfaces, 48 pp. pdf
Y. Zarhin, One-dimensional cohomology with finite coefficients and roots of unity, 10 pp., pdf