Birational geometry, rational curves, and arithmetic -- Simons symposium 2012

List of contributions

I. Arzhantsev, H. Flenner, S. Kaliman, K. Kutzschebauch, M. Zaidenberg, Infinite transititivy on affine varieties, 11 pp., pdf
A. Bertram and I. Coskun, The birational geometry of the Hilbert scheme of points on surfaces, 33 pp., pdf
F. Bogomolov and Ch. Böhning, Isoclinism and stable cohomology of wreath products, 21 pp., pdf
F. Bogomolov, I. Karzhemanov, and K. Kuyumzhiyan, Unirationality and existence of infinitely transitive models, 8 pp., pdf
I. Cheltsov, L. Katzarkov, and V. Przyjalkowski, Birational geometry via moduli spaces, 39 pp., pdf
O. Debarre, Curves of low degrees on Fano varieties, 12 pp., pdf
S. Kebekus, Uniruledness criteria and applications, 11 pp., pdf
S. Kovács, The cone of curves of K3 surfaces revisited, 6 pp., pdf
V. Lazić, Around and beyond the canonical class, 32 pp., pdf
M. Lieblich, On the ubiquity of twisted sheaves, 20 pp., pdf
C. Liedtke, Algebraic surfaces in positive characteristic, 53 pp., pdf
A. Varilly-Alvarado, Arithmetic of Del Pezzo surfaces, 21 pp., pdf