Rationality problems

List of contributions

I. Bauer, F. Catanese, The rationality of certain moduli spaces of curves of genus 3, 15 pp., pdf
Ch. Böhning, The rationality of the moduli space of curves of genus 3 after P. Katsylo, 39 pp., pdf
F. Bogomolov, T. Petrov, Y. Tschinkel, Unramified cohomology of finite groups of Lie type, 21 pp. pdf
I. Cheltsov, J. Park, On sextic double solids, 53 pp., pdf
N. Hoffmann, Moduli stacks of vector bundles on curves and the King--Schofield rationality proof, 16 pp., pdf
S.J. Hu, M.C. Kang, Noether's Problem for some p-groups, 19 pp. pdf
L. Katzarkov, Generalized homological mirror symmetry and rationality questions, 49 pp., pdf
B. Kunyavski, The Bogomolov multiplier of finite simple groups, 9 pp. pdf
A. Kuznetsov, Derived categories of cubic fourfolds, 18 pp. pdf
Y. Prokhorov, Fields of invariants of finite linear groups, 27 pp., pdf
A. Pukhlikov, The rationality problem and birational rigidity, 34 pp., pdf