Rational points, rational curves and entire holomorphic curves on projective varieties (in preparation)

List of contributions

E. Amerik, Some applications of p-adic uniformization to algebraic dynamics, 21 pp., pdf
F. Campana, Special manifolds, arithmetic and hyperbolic aspects: a short survey, 22 pp., pdf
J. Kollár, The Lefschetz property for families of curves, 11 pp., pdf
M. Nakamaya, Roth's theorem: an intoduction to diophantine approximation, 37 pp., pdf
M. Mcquillan, Curves on surfaces in mixed characteristic, 21 pp., pdf
X. Pan, Triviality and split of vector bundles on rationally connected varieties, 14 pp., pdf
Z. Tian, Separable rational connectedness and stability, 6 pp., pdf
P. Vojta, The Thue-Siegel method in diophantine geometry, 23 pp., pdf
H. R. Zong, Curve classes on rationally connected varieties, 5 pp., pdf