Kontsevich Festschrift (in preparation)

List of contributions

S. Donaldson, Adiabatic limits of co-associative Kovalev-Lefschetz fibrations, 30 pp., pdf
A. Goncharov, Ideal webs, moduli spaces of local systems, and 3d Calabi-Yau categories, 60 pp., pdf
D. Kaledin, Spectral sequences for cyclic homology, 37 pp., pdf
M. Kapranov, S. Pimenov, Derived varieties of complexes and Konstant's theorem for gl(m|n), 47 pp., pdf
A. Kapustin, R. Thorngren, Higher symmetry and gapped phases of gauge theories, 33 pp., pdf
L. Katzarkov, A. Noll, P. Pandit, C. Simpson, Constructing buildings and harmonic maps, 65 pp., pdf
J. Ren, Y. Soibelman, Cohomological Hall algebras, semicanonical bases and Donaldson-Thomas invariants for 2-dimensional Calabi-Yau categories, 28 pp., pdf
P. Seidel, Fukaya A-structures associated to Lefschetz fibrations, II, 65 pp., pdf