Curriculum Vitae

(also available in PDF)


New York University, PhD in mathematics, May 2006
    Research in machine learning & time series analysis
    Advisors Mehryar Mohri & Dennis Shasha
Ohio State University, BS in computer science, BS in mathematics, June 2001
    Both degrees with honors and distinction
Test scores: GRE math subject 800; SAT math 800 verbal 710; ACT 35


Languages:     Have taught professionally: C, C++, HTML
    Professionally experienced with: C, C++, Java, PHP, Perl, HTML
   Academically experienced w/: Matlab, Pascal, Assembly, Basic, ML, Scheme, & Russian

Technologies:     Experience programming with: windows API, gtk, Qt, TCP/IP, COM,
    Windows Driver Model (kernel level code), multithreaded code, Mathematica, cookies

Operating Systems:     Proficient with windows, Mac OS X, and linux

Programming & Work Experience

2005 Google, New York, NY Software engineering / research internship
Under mentor Mehryar Mohri, developed a search-related software tool (more details protected by an NDA).
2000--'03 Institute for Defense Analysis, Bowie, MD Research / programming internships
Classified research and software work; studied network behavior, signal analysis, and biometrics. Two solo projects and one group project over three summers.
2002 New York Univeristy Heuristic problem solving course
Very demanding course lead by world-class puzzle creator & professor Dennis Shasha. Wrote code to win 1st or 2nd place in nearly every weekly problem challenge.
1999 National Security Agency, Fort Meade, MD Cryptography research
Classified research as part of the Director's Summer Program. Part of 3-person team
which developed a new algorithmic technique for solving a new ``NSA-type'' problem.
1998 Microsoft, Redmond, WA Software engineering internship under mentor Thomas Sewell
Coder on Visual Studio .net team. Helped design and implement a tool to encourage and enable code reuse within large scale Visual Studio projects.
1997 Ohio State University Sparse matrix algorithm research & implementation
Working under professor Avner Ash, developed and coded a new algorithm for efficiently determining the rank of very large sparse matrices.


Research & Publications

Awards & Honors
2005 Perfect score on NYU algorithms exam, designed for computer science PhD students
2001 McCracken Fellowship - Tuition paid for five years toward mathematics PhD at NYU.
2001 First place in engineering at Denman undergraduate research forum. Wrote a high-level
genetic algorithm & GUI for evolving an algorithm to play checkers well.
1999 First place in the Gordan math competition at Ohio State
1998 First place in the Bareis math competition at Ohio State
1998 Highest score on the Ohio State team for the Putnam math competition
1997 First place, national trig-star championship
1st in United States among all high school students, trigonometry-based contest.

Activities & Interests
2006 Co-founder and webmaster of Courant Splash (cSplash)
Helped organize, built website for, and taught at cSplash, an annual Courant-based festival of math and computer science for high school students. Website includes interactive class registration UI, based on a custom-built PHP-driven database.
2003 Piano playing & composition, private lessons
To be continued upon completion of PhD.
2001 Enhancement of graduate school experience
Taught self X windows based GUI coding and TCP/IP coding in order to develop network-based multiplayer tetris clone since the math dept's computers initially lacked any brain relaxation mechanisms (video games).
1999 Captain of Ohio State's ACM programming contest team
1998 Founded & presided over Ohio State's math club
The club, "Radical Pi," continues to be a center of undergrad math fun at OSU to this day.


2005 Designed and taught a course in Caculus II
2004 Designed and taught a course in Linear Algebra
2003 Designed and taught a course in Discrete Mathematics
2001--'02 Teaching assistant for Calculus I & II
1995--'97 Taught computer programming to kids & young adults at National Computer Camps