1.7d1 = January 1st, 2001

The TylerDate

dayofyear.year (in hex)

Today's TylerDate is af.7d1
which is Sunday, Jun 24, 2001 in Gregorian.

I think our traditional method of counting days is very bad. It is truly a pain to remember which months have how many days, and which days of the week are when, etc. Of course, our solar year is not the most convenient length in relation to our day length, but we can certainly do much better than months. In short, months must go.

Hence the modestly named TylerDate. The completely standardized form, used across the world (kind of), is: "dayofyear.year" Sometimes the year is implied or obvious, in which case you just write "dayofyear." (the trailing dot is important). Dayofyear is always just one number, representing how many days have passed in that year. January 1st is 1. Other times the exact day is not important or not known, at which point one writes ".year" You could also be slightly ambiguous and depict a range of dates via 5x.7d3, meaning fifty-something in the year 7d3.

I should also mention that I prefer hex to decimal, and that is what I use here. I think everyone should. It is a much better base. Someday I will write a page dedicated to why it is.

Here is some source code in c to get the current TylerDate from your command line.
Here is a Java-based calendar which displays the entire calendar year for this year, and highlights today.