my hotel room (shared with Ashish)

Ashish having real German beer

Tyler at a Beer Garden

a park outside the university

Tyler and Mehryar

An interesting boat on the Rhine


The grand hotel where we ate

the rotunda of the grand hotel

Rhine and a hot air balloon from the grand hotel

the sky from the grand hotel

Tyler, Corinna and Mehryar at the grand hotel

University of Bonn

Munster Cathedral

Munster Cathedral

Beethoven (you can see up his nose from here)

Prinzen Rolle!

an interesting drain (?)


Bonn city hall

Beethoven's mom

inside the old cemetery

inside the old cemetery

Julius Plucker, mathematician and physicist

Robert and Clara Schumann (both composers)

inside the old cemetery

inside the old cemetery

Bonn hauptbahnhof (the main train station)

Bonn Hauptbahnhof

people stuck at Heathrow overnight (like me)

dinner at Heathrow

waiting for someone to show up

front page news!

my plane home