Courantris v0.84 FAQ

What is the IP of the server?
In order to play multiplayer, you need a few things:
  • The server must be running
  • The second line of your .courantris file must be the above IP address
  • At least one friend to play with.

    In case you're curious, that is the IP of quack. In case you're a sysadm, the server (right now called serv3) uses very very little cpu time on quack and negligible amounts of network bandwidth. Really.

    Hiding debug output
    If you find the debug output to be annoying, start the program with
    ./game1 > /dev/null &
    so that all output will be ignored (not printed or written to any file). When v1.0 comes out, there will be no debug output at all.
    The problem
    This is a silly problem due to using the dynamic library version of Qt (a GUI toolkit for xWindows in C++). To fix it, just type:
    setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH /home/neylon/qt/lib
    before you run ./game1. If you are a hard-core courantris player, you should add that line to your .login file in your home directory.
    Why can't I get a good score? Because you suck at tetris, dude.
    Source code files
        (for version 0.2)