We plan to test the performance of our checkers program using three other programs:

  • iCheckers
  • Chinook
  • Yahoo Checkers

    -= iCheckers =-

    There is a checkers program called iCheckers that allows the user to select how many moves the computer thinks ahead before deciding what move to play next. We will play our program against iCheckers and compare the performance when the look-ahead for both programs is the same. We can also determine how our program increases or decreases in playing ability for various look-aheads compared to the equivalent look-ahead in iCheckers.

    -= Chinook =-

    We can see how well our program plays checkers by comparing it to a program that already has a reputation for being excellent. The official version of Chinook plays on the Grand Master level.

    -= Yahoo Checkers =-

    Yahoo rates checkers players by their apparent playing ability. By allowing our program to play against the Yahoo checkers program, we can see where Yahoo rates its playing ability.