Computation of Blood Flow

in a

Three-Dimensional Model of the Heart

For some movies of computation of blood flow in the heart, open in browser:

A surface rendering of the beating model heart
surface.206.mpg (169 KiloBytes, mpeg)

A cutaway view showing the flow patterns in the interior of the model heart
interior.206.mpg (538 KiloBytes, mpeg)

The fiber architecture of the model heart
fibers.206.mpg (576 KiloBytes, mpeg)

Five consecutive scenes, each 29 frames in length, illustrating flow in the beating model heart
Scene1: the entire heart model
Scene2: the motion of blood in the model
Scene3: flow patterns of blood (streaklines) in the whole heart
Scene4: flow patterns of blood (streaklines) on the right side of the heart
Scene5: flow patterns of blood (streaklines) on the left side of the heart
scen1-5.gif (4.6 MegaBytes, animated gif)

normal activation
left bundle branch block
right bundle branch block