Our Libraries
For those of you more into computation than nifty programs, we have installed a number of math libraries (and a few useful utility libraries). If you're interested in a library not listed below, email us.
Installation Directions
If you're going to use one of these libraries, then we're going to assume that you can execute the installation directions below for your library of choice. If you get really, really stuck, though, email us.
Each of the following library synopses contain a PACKAGE_NAME variable and one or more VERSION variables. For each library and version you want to use, add the shell-specific line given below to the end of your shell resource file.
csh or tcsh | .cshrc or .tcshrc
source /home/mconsult/packages/solaris/PACKAGE_NAME/VERSION/setup.csh
bash/ksh | .bashrc/.kshrc
source /home/mconsult/packages/solaris/PACKAGE_NAME/VERSION/setup.sh
When you're done, log out of your machine and log back in. You can now use the libraries you installed.
Version Information
Libraries with VERSION variables ending in -SUNWspro were built with the Sun Workshop C/C++ compilers.
Libraries with VERSION variables ending in -gcc3.3 were built with the GNU GCC 3.3 compilers.
Math Libraries
FFTW 2.1.5 & 3.0.1 | FFTW homepage
VERSION: 2.1.5-SUNWspro, 2.1.5-gcc3.3, 3.0.1-SUNWspro, 3.0.1-gcc3.3
HDF 4.1r5 | HDF homepage
VERSION: current
HDF5 1.6.0 | HDF5 homepage
VERSION: current
hypre 1.6.0 & 1.8.1b | hypre homepage
VERSION: 1.6.0-SUNWspro, 1.6.0-gcc3.3, 1.8.1b-SUNWspro, 1.8.1b-gcc3.3
MPICH 1.2.5 | MPICH homepage
VERSION: 1.2.5-SUNWspro, 1.2.5-gcc3.3
SuperLU 2.0 | SuperLU homepage
VERSION: 2.0-SUNWspro, 2.0-gcc3.3
SuperLU_DIST 2.0 | SuperLU homepage
VERSION: 2.0-SUNWspro, 2.0-gcc3.3
PETSc 2.1.6
Yes, the installation directions for PETSc are special. Here's its homepage.
For csh/tcsh, add these lines to your .cshrc file.
setenv PETSC_DIR /home/mconsult/packages/petsc/2.1.6
Sun Workshop C/C++: setenv PETSC_ARCH solaris
GNU GCC 3.3: setenv PETSC_ARCH solaris_gnu
For bash/ksh, add these lines to your .bashrc/.kshrc file.
export PETSC_DIR=/home/mconsult/packages/petsc/2.1.6
Sun Workshop C/C++: export PETSC_ARCH=solaris
GNU GCC 3.3: export PETSC_ARCH=solaris_gnu
Last Updated: April 29, 2005, 12:08 AM
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