Below are a list of public clusters (computer rooms), a list of public printers, and descriptions of Courant computing hardware.
Rooms 502, 505, 624, and 730.
5th floor: nhp7, nhp28, nhp35, nhp36
6th floor: nhp15
7th floor: nhp33
9th floor: nhp16
11th floor: nhp17
Most workstations at Courant are Sun Ultra 5, Ultra 10, or Blade™ 150 computers. Each consists of a desktop or tower case, monitor, keyboard, and mouse. All workstations have names, such as "quorumN" and "mstuN", and are labeled accordingly.
Servers are larger and more powerful computers which are only accessible remotely. All users have accounts on a specific server, usually quack.cims.nyu.edu. Servers are the only machines directly accessible from outside of the Courant network. To log into one, use an ssh (Secure SHell) program.
Advanced Computing Facilities
High-end computing facilities exist, some housing several multiprocessor SGI Origin® machines. Since these facilities are not public, see your advisor about access.
Notice about Workstations
The following rule applies to public workstations and is a good idea even for private workstations.
Do not, under any circumstances, turn off a workstation or reset its power!
Since workstations are also remotely accessible, they may be running other user's programs regardless of whether someone is physically using the machine. Turning off or resetting a workstation may destroy other user's work. You will be held responsible if this is the case.
If something is wrong with a workstation, send e-mail to comment@cims.nyu.edu with the workstation name and location, and ask them to fix the machine.
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