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About me

I joined the Math Department of NYU in July of 2008. Previously, I've taught at Harvard and Rutgers. I earned my Ph.D. from Harvard in 2000.

At NYU I'll be teaching calculus and coordinating the calculus program. I'll also be involved with the Quantitative Reasoning courses, mathematics major program, and other undergraduate issues.

Outside of mathematics, I have a keen interest in web technologies which I continually try to integrate into my career. I like to blog, edit Wikipedia, and share learning materials through SlideShare and scribd. If you really want to be freaked out, ask me about the semantic web and Learning Object Metadata.

At home (New Jersey) I like to mow the lawn, grill meat, and play with my kids. Who wouldn't? :-) I try, usually unsuccessfully, to golf once in a while.

More formal information can be found on my CV.