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4/27/07 - For reference, here is a copy of your final exam.

4/27/07 - I have graded the finals and I have assigned final grades on blackboard.

4/24/07 - Check out this solution for the counting problem stated in class.

4/19/07 - I have posted review exercises for the final. They are not due. I will have office hours next week M-W 4-5 PM each day. Good luck studying.

4/14/07 - I have posted homework 11. It is due by Friday, April 20.

4/10/07 - The final exam will be held in class on Thursday, April 26. It will be cumulative and will count for 40 percent of your grade.

4/9/07 - I have posted homework 10. It looks long but most of the problems are easy. It is due by Friday, 5PM.

4/5/07 - I have posted midterm grades on blackboard. The average was 80 and the median was 84.

4/5/07 - Check out the solutions to the second midterm exam.

4/4/07 - Here are the solutions to the review problems on countability.

4/3/07 - Here are some review problems on countability. I will post solutions tomorrow.

4/1/07 - I have posted review problems for the midterm. In addition I will hold office hours this week Sunday - Wednesday 4-5 PM.

3/26/07 - The algorithm in homework 8 does not, in fact, compute the sum its claims to compute. There is a typo in line 7. We can still trace through the algorithm although it contains an error. This is what you will be expected to do for the homework.

3/24/07 - I have posted homework 9. It is due by Friday at 5 PM

3/23/07 - The second midterm will take place in class on Thursday, April 5, 2007. It will cover Ch. 7, 4, and 5.

3/20/07 - I have posted homework 8. NOTE the change in due date. It is due by 5 PM on Monday at my office 1109 WWH. If you checked the homework yesterday you should notice that I changed some of the problems between then and now.

3/4/07 - I have posted homework 7. It is due by Friday at 5 PM.

2/29/07 - Here are the solutions to the Midterm exam. I have posted grades on blackboard.

2/27/07 - A student noted an error in the proof posted for 6.6 #20. Here is the revised proof. Of course, because of my error, you are not responsible for this method on the exam.

2/25/07 - I posted a few more review problems. They are also not due.

2/24/07 - Check out this solution to homework problem 31 in section 6.6

2/22/07 - I have changed my office hours next week (for the exam) to Sunday 3-4 PM, Monday 6-7 PM.

2/20/07 - I have posted review exercises for the midterm exam. They are not due. To remind you, the exam will be held in class on 2/27.

2/20/07 - Note that I have changed homework 6. I deleted the exercises from chapter 7 and added an ungraded problem from last homework.

2/18/07 - I have posted homework 6. It is due by Friday at 5 PM.

2/10/07 - I have posted homework 5. It is due by Friday at 5 PM.

2/7/07 - I have decided to change the date of the first midterm to Tuesday, Feb. 27.

2/6/07 - Note the following solution for the example given in class.

2/5/07 - Note I have changed homework 4. I decided to cover section 6.3 later, after we cover algorithms, and instead we will cover 6.4

2/3/07 - I have posted homework 4. It is due by Friday at 5 PM.

2/2/07 - Read this handout regarding the botched example in class.

2/1/07 - The first exam will be in class on Thursday, Feb. 22. It will cover material in chapters 1, 2, and 6.

1/27/07 - I have posted homework 3. It is due by Friday 5PM at my office or in my mailbox. The number of exercises may seem daunting, but most of them are extremely easy.

1/24/07 - Some students have asked for some help with programming (pseudocode) basics. Here are a few sites that could be useful.
C Programming - The only rather important points are under "C Basics", "Conditionals", and "Looping and Iteration".
Programming Basics (Java)
I have not read all of the material on these sites but they look ok at first glance. That having been said, I relied on the first site several times while doing undergrad work in computer engineering.

1/20/07 - I have posted homework 2. It is due by Friday 5 PM at my office or in my mailbox.

1/19/07 - I have graded homework 1 and I have posted the grades on Blackboard. Check back in the future for your other grades.

1/12/07 - I have posted the syllabus. I will mostly use the Blackboard site to record and view grades; however I may post some course documents there.