Teaching at New York University

At NYU, I teach classes in my two fields of specialization, namely applied mathematics and plasma physics for energy applications. I teach at both the undergraduate and the graduate level.

Graduate courses

  • Complex Variables (Fall 2016, Fall 2017) - Notes freely available here
  • Complex Variables I (Fall 2018,Fall 2019)
  • Mechanics (Spring 2015, Spring 2016) - Notes freely available here
  • Plasma Physics: Theory and Computation (Spring 2013)

Undergraduate courses

  • Honors Linear Algebra (Spring 2018)
  • Introduction to fluid dynamics (Spring 2017, Spring 2019) - Notes freely available here
  • Linear Algebra (Spring 2016) - Notes freely available here
  • Calculus III (Fall 2012, Fall 2013, and Fall 2014, Spring 2017) - Notes freely available here
  • Nuclear Energy (Freshmen Honors Seminar, Spring 2014 and Spring 2015)
  • Probability and Statistics (Spring 2018, Spring 2020) - Notes freely available here

Teaching at summer schools

  • SULI Introductory Course in Plasma Physics, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (2015 and 2016) -- Slides freely available here
  • Waves in Fusion Plasmas summer school, UPMC Paris (2017) -- Lecture notes and slides freely available here

Teaching for the community

I also like sharing my passion for applied mathematics, plasma physics and nuclear energy with people that are not part of NYU, in particular with high-school students. I mostly do that by participating on a regular basis in two great programs that are dear to me: MIT Splash! and Courant cSplash! The principle of these programs is as simple as exciting: undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty offer to give lectures on topics they love, and high-school students get to pick and choose the ones they would like to hear during the day of the event. More details on these programs below: