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Student Forum

Each year in December, the Math Department and the Courant Institute hold a discussion style forum where the concerns, suggestions, and compliments of the graduate students are brought and addressed. Many graduate students, facultyand administrators attend the forum.

Courant students should use the opportunity to bring up what they think can be improved. Among recent topics have been issues regarding curriculum design, examinations (including foreign language exams), computing, teaching assignments, mentoring, and office space. Past successes have included changes regarding the Written Exams, courses, 24-hour building access, and some curriculum improvements. The forum is an excellent way to let administrators know what's going on with student life at CIMS.

The forum is organized every year by Tamar and the president of your Courant Student Organization. The CSO president solicits ideas for the agenda from the rest of the student body and prepares the agenda to be discussed in the forum itself. Students should feel free to bring up whatever they think should be included. As the date approaches more information about this will arrive in your e-mail.

Minutes from previous forums are kept by your CSO representatives.