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Previously Asked Questions

Welcome to the list of previously asked orals questions. It can be downloaded in the following formats:

Update: The PAQ has been transferred to the wiki: link. There you can edit any typos or clarify questions. More recent transcripts have also been posted.

The PostScript version looks the best and any printer at Courant will accept it, or you can just look at it with `ghostview' if you please. To print it from any Courant unix machine, download the file into your directory and type lpr -Pnhp?? where "??" is the number of the printer you want to use.

A word of caution: when using this list to help prepare, it's always tempting to believe one or both of the following: "I won't be prepared unless I know the answer to every question on this list" or "I will be prepared if I know the answer to every question on this list". Neither is true of course, and it's important to bear in mind that what your committee will be looking for is not so much a certain quantity of knowledge as a certain way of thinking. Studying from this list can be a valuable part of your preparation, but it should only be a part.

That said, good luck, and if you find the list helpful, please remember write down your questions after the exam for the purpose of adding them to this list. (E-mail the administrator) for more information on how to do that and how you can volunteer to maintain the PAQ list.

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