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MHD Effects on Pellet Injection in Tokamaks

H.R. Strauss
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
New York University
W. Park
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory


The location at which pellets are injected into a plasma can have a significant effect on what fraction of the pellet mass remains in the plasma for refueling purposes. MHD simulations presented here, confirm the results of pellet injection experiments: toroidal curvature makes it favorable to inject pellets from the inboard side or from the top or bottom, rather than from the outboard side. Pellets injected at the inboard edge can reach the plasma center, and in the process drive magnetic reconnection to produce negative central shear. Injection at the top (or bottom) of the tokamak causes relatively little MHD displacement of the pellet. A scaling law is obtained for pellet displacement which agrees well with the simulations. The MHD simulations were carried out with the new MH3D++ [1] unstructured mesh finite element version of the MH3D [2] full MHD code.

Hank Strauss
Wed Jan 7 14:23:34 EST 1998