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Dr. Kaya Imre
Kaya Imre is an applied mathematician mainly working on certain problems in plasma physics. Presently, he is a consultant at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences of New York University, at the Magneto-Fluid Dynamics Division, with which he has had continuing association since 1981.
Educational Background
Kaya Imre graduated from the Istanbul Technical University in 1953 with a MS degree in ME. In 1958, he obtained a MS degree in Appl. Math. from University of Michigan, where he was also awarded a PhD in Nucl. Eng. in 1960.
Previous Employment
Radiation Lab., U. of Mich.
ÇNAEM (Çekmece Nuclear Research and Training Center), Istanbul, Turkey
Conductron Corp., AnnArbor, Mich.
College of Staten Island (CUNY)--formerly Richmond College (retired at 1994)
Research Activities
Plasma Physics:
Kinetic Theory and Statistical Mechanics, Quantum Statistical Mechanics, Relativistic Plasmas, Wave Propagation, Absorption of Waves across Resonance Layers, Statistical methods for Profile Shape Analyses, Hamiltonian Formalism.
Heat Transfer:
Optimal fin shape design, Computational nonlinear heat transfer.
Polymer Chemistry:
Diffusion theory for multi-component graft polymerization.

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