Bastiaan J. Braams (Bas Braams)

Research Associate Professor

Magneto-Fluid Dynamics Division
Department of Mathematics
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
New York University

Note: I have left New York University. Starting September 1, 2003, I have a visiting faculty position in the Math/CS and Chemistry departments at Emory University, Atlanta, GA. My new mailing address is: Mathematics and Science Center, Suite W401; 400 Dowman Drive; Atlanta, Georgia 30322. Phone 404-727-1980. Email to Courant will be fine still. I do not yet have a personal Web page at Emory.

Recent publications

Selected Topics in Numerical Analysis, Spring 2003 term (Parallel Algorithms for Scientific Computing and Many-Body Problems), taught jointly with George Biros.

Notes from Feb 20, 3003; homework due March 6, 2003.

Links, Articles, Essays, and Opinions on K-12 Education # BJB Essays. See also NYC HOLD.

Also of interest: Het ontkolen van de energievoorziening, by C. M. Braams, July 2003.

Selected Topics in Numerical Analysis, Spring 2001 term (parallel scientific computing). Notes for the graduate class G63.2012/G22.2945.
Selected Topics in Numerical Analysis, fall 1999 term (advanced scientific computing, many-body problems). Notes for the graduate class G63.2011/G22.2945.
Scientific Computing, spring 1998 term, Notes and homework for the graduate class G63.2043/G22.2112.