Michael Shelley
Lilian and George Lyttle Professor of Applied Mathematics
Professor of Mathematics, Neural Science, and Mechanical Engineering
Co-Director, Applied Mathematics Laboratory
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Group Leader in Biophysical Modeling
Center for Computational Biology

The Flatiron Institute, Simons Foundation

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  The Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
  New York University
  251 Mercer Street
  New York City, NY 10012

Phone:  212-998-3284 (voice), 212-995-4121 (fax)

E-mail:  shelley at cims.nyu.edu  or  mshelley at simonsfoundation.org

Fluid Dynamics Course

Homework 1 (due October 17)
Homework 2 (due November 21)
Homework 3 (due December 21)
Extra reading: Boundary Layer Notes (C.C. Mei et al)
Extra reading: Notes on Continuum Mech and Low Re (M. Shelley)
Scanned notes on an application of conformal mapping
The exam will be Wednesday the 19th of December, usual time and place.

Research and Publications