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Mathematics of Finance I

Instructor: Marco Avellaneda

Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences

Fall 1995, Fall 1996

This course covers the basic mathematical concepts in derivative asset pricing. It provides a description of the principal assets traded in financial markets and then proceeds with an in-depth discussion of Arbitrage Pricing Theory. The theory is applied to the pricing options and derivative securities in the contexts of binomial probability trees and the Black-Scholes lognormal model. The dynamical hedging of option portfolios and of tailor-made financial derivatives is discussed. I also cover American-style options, interest-rate options and exotic options such as barrier options.

Lecture Notes: Math Finance I

These lecture notes are in mostly in the form of book chapters. A few consist of reproductions of trnsparencies used in the lectures.

Syllabus Math Finance I and II
(also, a list of references)

Lecture #1
Derivative Securities: an Introduction (transparencies)

Lecture #2
Arbitrage Pricing Theory (transparencies)

Arbitrage Pricing Theory, I (10/9/96)

Exercises on one-period Arrow-Debreu model (9/9/96)

Multi-period arbitrage pricing (preliminary) (9/12/96

The binomial option pricing model

Analysis of the Black-Scholes Formula

Refinements of the binomial model and applications

American-style options, early exercise and time optionality

Lecture #6
Interest Rate Derivatives (transparencies)

Binomial Models for interest rate derivatives

Chapter7 (Revised)
Exotic Options, I ( Digitals and barrier options)

Homework Assignments

Homework #1
Homework #2 New -- Fixed-income models
Homework #2
Homework #3

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