Harvansh Manocha
Industry Professor of Mathematics
Ph.D., Panjab University, India
Phone: (646) 997-3809
Email: hm843@nyu.edu
Office: RH323C
Special Functions of Mathematical Physics, Lie Theory and Special Functions, Fractional calculus, Quantum Algebras and q-Functions

Luciano Medina
Ph.D., New York University
Phone: (646) 997-3039
Email: lmedina@nyu.edu
Office: RH323A

Jinghua Qian
Senioar Lecturer, Director of Freshman Mathematics
Ph.D., Tufts University
Phone: (646) 997-3747
Email: jqian@nyu.edu
Office: RH305C
Probability and stochastic processes, statistics, analysis

Lindsey Van Wagenen
Senior Lecturer, Director of Sophomore Mathematics
Ph.D., Columbia University
Phone: (646) 997-3737
Email: vwagenen@nyu.edu
Office: RH305D
Dynamical systems, stochastic processes, nonlinear optics

James Wielaard
Industry Associate Professor
Phone: (646) 997-3764
Email: dw25@nyu.edu
Office: RH305B
Mathematical biology

Fang Zhao
Lecturer, Director of Precalculus Mathematics
M.S. Mathematics, Polytechnic University
Phone: (646) 997- 3191
Email: fz311@nyu.edu
Office: RH305E