Materials Working Group, 2014-2015

Organized by Bob Kohn

Most "Materials Working Group" talks are by people at Courant
(students, postdocs, visitors and faculty), discussing their
recent or current work. The talks are informal, with 
plenty of discussion. A record of last year's activity
is here. 

Our timeslot in Spring 2015 is Tuesday at 11-12 in WWH 1314. (We often
run over, but not too much since the COB seminar meets in the same room
at 12:30.) 
An email list for relevant announcements is
maintained by Bob Kohn (kohn at cims dot nyu dot edu).

Spring 2015:

Feb 3: Heiner Olbermann (Univ of Bonn, visiting CIMS till mid-March)
will discuss his work on approximately conical deformations of thin
elastic sheets.
Feb 17: Julian Panetta (CIMS, Computer Science) will discuss his work (with
Denis Zorin, James Zhou, and others) concerning optimal design, homogenization, 
and 3D printing. 
March 3: Nadejda Drenska will discuss her work on a PDE approach to 
a model problem from the machine learning literature, concerning "prediction 
with expert advice". 
March 24: Morteza Hakimi Siboni (CIMS starting 2/23) will discuss the  
use of homogenization-based methods to model electro-active polymer composites
(consisting, for example, of rigid dielectric inclusions or fibers 
distributed in a dielectric elastomer matrix). This is joint work
with Pedro Ponte-Castaneda.
March 31: No meeting.
April 7: Ian Tobasco will discuss current joint work with Aukosh Jagannath, 
on a stochastic control problem from the mean-field theory of spin glasses.
April 14: Cyrill Muratov will discuss work on 1D domain walls
in thin-film ferromagnets.
April 21:  Miranda Holmes-Cerfon will share some thoughts on the question:
What is the invariant measure for a hypoelliptic diffusion? Also, she'll 
explain why this question arises naturally when one considers the effect of 
friction -- or another non-holonomic (hence non-Hamiltonian) constraint --
on a stochastic system.
April 28: no meeting
May 5: Lisa Larsson will discuss current work with
Georg Stadler, concerning optimal sensor placement for an
inverse problem viewed from a Bayesian perspective.
May 12: Mark Wilkinson will discuss current work with 
Laure Saint-Raymond. The overall goal is to connect microscopic
interacting-particle models (based on Newton's laws) with 
macroscopic fluid-dynamics models. The current work considers
the case of non-spherical particles. 

Fall 2014:

Oct 7: Ian Tobasco will discuss his work concerning a thin elastic 
cylunder under axial compression.
Oct 14: No meeting 
Oct 21: Ethan O'Brien will discuss work by Mora and Muller concerning 
elastic rods 
Oct 28: Ross Lund (NJIT) will talk on "Dynamics of domain walls in 
ferromagnetic nanowires." 
Nov 4 and 11: no meeting
Nov 18: Cyrill Muratov (NJIT) will discuss his work with Hans Knuepfer
and Matteo Novaga on "Low density phases in a uniformly charged liquid". 
Nov 25: no meeting. But note that Antonio De Simone (SISSA) will 
give a Special Applied Math Seminar on Wed 11/26 (10am, WWH 517) on
"Motility at microscopic scales".