2016 Graduates

  • Limor Alevi
    MD, St. George's University
  • Sebastian Ament 
    Computer Science PhD, Cornell University
  • Amlandeep Bhadra
    Technology Analyst at Goldman Sachs
  • Manan Bhandari
    Sales & Trading Analyst at Goldman Sachs
  • Andrew Chee
    Actuarial Consultant, PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Swan Cho
    Mobile Marketing Analyst at Badge Media
  • Eddie Cruz-Desintonio
    Risk Advisory Consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Tejas Devanur
    Mathematics PhD, University of Washington Seattle
  • Yuchong Fan
    Intern at Ceruzzi Properties Holdings Investment Department
  • Qiming Gao
    Software Engineer, Seedlr
  • Zhiqi Guo
    Data Science MS, NYU
  • Yipeng Han
    Master of Financial Engineering, UCLA
  • William Herrera
    MS, NYU Tandon School of Engineering
  • Eugen Hotaj
    Software Engineer at Google
  • Lillian Hua
    Analyst at AIG
  • Helen Karsiotis
    Associate at PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Zitni Kaul
    Transaction Advisory Services- Valuation and Business Modeling at Ernst & Young
  • Minsu Kim
    MD, South Korea
  • Hanjo Kim
    Economics PhD, Vanderbilt 
  • So Yeon Flora Kim
    Mathematics Education MA, NYU Steinhardt 
  • Toby Lewis
    Quantitative Business Analyst at TrueChoice Solutions
  • Xiaoyang Liu
    Master of Financial Engineering, UCLA
  • Chenyu Liu
    MS in Accounting
  • Enrique lores
    Software Engineer at Google 
  • Meixuan Lu
    Mathematical and Computational Finance MS, Oxford University 
  • Victor Ma
    Asset Management - Portfolio Analyst
  • Scott Malley
    Junior Research Assistant, NYU Biophysics
  • Randol Mata
    Liberty Partnership Program, Hostos Community College 
  • Shaun Ong
    Analyst at Goldman Sachs 
  • Young Jin Park
    Junior Analyst at McKinsey & Co.
  • Pallavi Pillutla
    Technology Analyst at Goldman Sachs
  • Gregory Rodriguez
    Math Education MA, NYU Steinhardt 
  • John Ryan
    MS in Robotics, Carnegie Mellon University 
  • Shaofei Sang
    Computational Finance MS, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Yiyang Shen
    Computational Finance MS, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Eddie Shim
    Quantitative Management Associate at Bank of America 
  • Tobias Shin
    SUNY Stony Brook
  • Neha Srivatsa
    Data Analyst at Mindshare
  • Arjun Subramanian
    Econometrics and Mathematical Economics MSc, LSE
  • Umer Vakil
    Retail Banking Analyst
  • Yonathan Wolf
    Associate Product Manager at Google 
  • Shuzhe Xiao
    Industrial and Operations Engineering MS, University of Michigan Ann Arbor 
  • Hongtao Xue
    Applied Mathematics PhD, UC Davis 
  • Zhaojun Yong
    Mathematics MS, Rutgers New Brunswick
  • Kexin Zhang
    Economics PhD, Boston University
  • Yiyun Zhang
    Actuarial Science MS, Columbia University
  • Puyuan Zhong
    Actuarial Science MS, Columbia University
  • Jingyuan Zhou
    Computational Social Science MA, University of Chicago 
  • Tianze Zhou
    Mathematics MS, NYU
  • Yanli Zhou
    Data Science MS, NYU


2014 Graduates

  • Yury Fedorovsky
    Programmer Analyst at NYU OTSS
  • Han Hao
    Operations Research and Financial Engineering PhD, Princeton University
  • Nathaniel Johnson
    Economics PhD, CUNY Graduate Center
  • Kyle Konior
    Investment Analyst, Quantitive Research at Prudential Fixed Income
  • Zhiran Li
    JD, Duke University Law School
  • Amritpal Saini
    MD, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
  • Sarina Tsukerman
    Trading Analyst at Goldman Sachs
  • Michael Xu
    Economics PhD, Yale University


2013 Graduates

  • Jacob Carruth
    Mathematics PhD, University of Texas Austin
  • Huixin Chen
    MS Scientific Computing at New York University
  • Qiulin Deng
    Consultant in the Financial Instrument Valuation and Quantitative Services at Deloitte
  • Keyue Gao
    Mathematics PhD, New York University
  • Jingyi Gu
    MA Statistics Program at Columbia University
  • Wan Huh
    Associate - Economic & Valuation Services at KPMG
  • Peter Li
    Research Study Assistant in the Epidemiology-Biostatistics Department at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
  • Sam Luxenberg
    Actuarial Analyst at Mercer
  • James Moody
    Logic PhD, University of California Berkeley
  • Hanfei Mao
    Risk Management Analyst at Citigroup Inc., New York
  • Mark Rich
    Data Scientist at Facebook
  • Alexandra Simonoff
    Enterprise Risk Management Department of AIG
  • Haochaun Wang
    MS Math Program at New York University


2011 Graduates

  • Young Hwan Lee
    Financial Analyst at JP Morgan Chase & Co.


2010 Graduates

  • Bernard Beckerman
    Materials Science PhD, Northwestern University
  • John Busby
    Investment Banking Software Analyst at Stifel Nicolaus Weisel in New York City
  • Arvindh Rao
    Trader at Bank of America Merrill Lynch 
  • Fatima Shaik
    SUNY Downstate College of Medicine, M.D. degree
  • Vadim Zhitomirsky
    Investment Associateat Merrill Lynch Wealth Management


2009 Graduates

  • Varun Dube
    Trading at Bank of America/Merrill Lynch
  • Karol Koziol
    PhD program in Mathematics at Columbia University
  • Andrew Kung
    Trading Assistant at Chicago Trading Company 
  • David Zhi Liang
    Newton Fellowship for Math Education at Teacher's College
  • Matt McMahon
    PhD program in Physics at Ohio State University
  • Michael Ontiveros
    PhD student at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics
  • Alex Peysakhovich
    PhD program in Economics at Harvard University
  • Alex Pine
    Financial Software Developer at Bloomberg LP
  • Robert Simione
    PhD program in Mathematics at Carnegie Mellon University and the Instituto Supesior Técnico
  • <span20>Ethan Stavsky</span20>
    JD program at Columbia Law School
  • Adam Towle
    Clinical Research Analyst with North Carolina NeuroCognition


2008 Graduates

  • Lindsay Erickson 
    PhD program in Mathematics at University of Washington 
  • Angela Arbach 
    Weill Cornell Medical College 
  • Henry O. Jacobs 
    PhD program in Control and Dynamical Systems at at Cal Tech 
  • Julie Cameron 
    U. S. Navy Officer Candidate in aviation and pursuing a Master's degree in Engineering 
  • John Bruer 
    PhD program in Applied & Computational Mathematics at Cal Tech 
  • Priyam Patel 
    PhD program in Mathematics at Rutgers University 
  • Arthur Yu 
    PhD program in Physics at UC, Irvine 
  • Derek Boltja-Parker 
    Electrical Engineer at Naval Sea Systems Command in Washington, D.C. 
  • Irene Liew 
    Math for America Fellowship and Master's program in Mathematics Eduaction at Teacher's College 
  • Loretta Au 
    PhD program  in Applied Mathematics at SUNY Stonybrook 
  • Rain Tyrol 
    Newton Fellowship for Math Education at New York University's Steinhardt School 
  • Steve Khalil 
    New York University School of Medicine 
  • Ed Scerbo 
    PhD program in Mathematics at UC, Berkeley
  • Anand Prakash 
    UMDNJ, New Jersey Medical School


2007 Graduates

  • Tatyana Kobylyatskaya 
    PhD program in Mathematics at Harvard University 
  • Jessica R. Bruce 
    M.S. program in Biostatistics at University of Minnesota 
  • Nicole C. Mevorah 
    NYC Teaching Fellowship and and Master's program in Mathematics Education at St. John's University 
  • Susan Bloomberg 
    Clinical Research Coordinator at the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan 
  • Jamie Schiffer 
    Actuarial Analyst at Guy Carpenter & Co. in New York City